Style icon


“Style icon” was the feeling the client wanted us to imbue into images of the Ford Fiesta. An array of night shots, heavy with artificial light, meant a lot of detailed work to create the right reflections on the Fiesta.

How we did it


Location reflections were captured using a 360 precision head and state-of-the-art digital DSLR’s to produce the perfect HDRI dome. The reflections were then transferred onto the vehicle on screen, and the whole image was manipulated for movement blur.

Lastly we transferred these captured reflections to the CGI vehicle via computer. We added some motion blur in post, to aid with the dynamics of movement.

Real people inside a CGI car?

Our two models were photographed in a studio where we matched the lighting from the location. Then we placed them inside the CGI model using photo retouching and matched the shadows and colour balance perfectly. Real photography and CGI in perfect harmony.

Take a look for yourself