ITV wanted to use the FA Cup trophy for televised indents and marketing material. The 100-year-old cup was too fragile to be scanned, and the FA didn’t allow its removal from Wembley Stadium. They also asked us to remove the numerous dents in the cup and produce one that looked pristine.

How we did it

We went to Wembley and took reference pictures and measurements to bring back to our studio and build the trophy on screen. One of our fine artists worked on the filigree by hand to replicate the detailed decoration of the cup.


We painstakingly modelled the cup using Z-brush. We needed to animate the cup, so the poly count was a crucial factor in how we would produce the final mesh.

Lighting the real FA cup would have been a nightmare, but for CGI it was a dream. We positioned the lighting to ensure no confusing reflections intruded into the final images.

For the final mesh we applied a mixture of modelled detail, normal maps, some displacement maps and good old-fashioned bump maps.